ROM2Box Premium V2.2 Full Latest Version Free Download

 ROM2Box Premium V2.2 Full Latest 


    • full Open nothing to hide, No malicious code, you can Download the full Project from GitHub
    • Execute method= command lines
    • GUI for MTK Client
    MTK Auth BypassYes
    MTK FRP bypassYes
    MTK Pattern userlock bypassyes
    MTK Flash Single partitionyes
    MTK full flashyes
    MTK Read Full Firmware & PartitionsYes
    MTK Prepare Firmware for SP toolNO, Require WWR MTK
    MTK unlock/Relock bootloaderyes
    QCOM Read Firmwareyes
    QCOM flash firmwareyes
    QCOM bypass FRPYes
    QCOM bypassed the Mi accountYes
    QCOM bypass patternyes
    MTK bypassed the Mi accountYes
    QCOM Repair IMEIit can but is Not Included
    MTK Repair IMEIit can but is Not Included
    MTK SP Flash toolcommand-line interface
    Driver IncludedNo
    Spreadtrum FlashYes
    Spreadtrum ReadNo
    Spreadtrum FRPNo (in the next update)
    Samsung FRPNo
    Samsung FlashMTK only
    Samsung OdinNo
    Download Agent packageAddition 4GB 1000+devices
    XIAOMI QCOM79 smartphones
    Vivo QCOM25 smartphones
    Oppo QCOM51 smartphones
    Xiaomi MTKALL (except new)
    VIVO MTKALL (except new)
    Oppo QCOMALL (except new)
    Other MTKALL
    ADB InterfaceYes
    fastboot InterfaceYes
    bootloader unlock3 Generic Method + MTK Method
    fastboot to EDL3 method
    fastboot flashYes
    Scatter FlashMTK Client, SP Download (MI), and SP tool
    Moto blank FlashYes
    bloatware removeruniversal script for oppo/Vivo/Samsung/Xiaomi
    APK InstallerYes
    fastboot flasheryes
    GSI Flashersystem image (blank vbmeta included)
    Pac ExtractorYes
    Pac flasherupgrade download
    SourcePublic domain


    • must Wipe user data after Flashing Mediatek Firmware
    • if any boot loop after flashing, Just Write preloader (Which is dumped on every MTK action)
    • for Oppo/Realme flashing delete all partitions from the firmware folder Include the Name ‘Oppo’


    • Portable, Just extract

    Require USB Driver:

    • Limitations– No drag and drop, command Line Execution.

    Read MTK Firmware:

    • there are 2 options to Read Firmware, First Flash.bin, and other Partitions
    • WWR MTK tool Requires to Extract Flash.bin or dump partition Instead


    • Connect phone in VCOM Mod, Go to Mediatek/Firmware reader, and click the desired button

    Read QCOM Firmware:

    • EMMCDL Single Method, FH-Loader Not Included


    • Go to QCOM/Firmware Reader Select Firehose, Select USB COM, and Click Read.
    • Note: if any error like a firehose, Sahara, or wrong file selection may cause Immediate CMD close

    Disable Auth:

    • Go to Mediatek/service/Disable auth

    Mediatek unlocks the bootloader:

    • Go to Mediatek/service/bootloader unlock

    QCOM Disable Auth:

    • all Included devices pre-patched


    • try


    • MTK Client from B.Kerler
    • Platform tools from Google
    • Android LIB from Regaw@XDA
    • Spreadtrumn tools in unison
    • compile & GUI by ROMProvider.COM (Source available on Git)
    Download Link

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