New Team Update icloud Activator

New Team New icloud activator

– We have new candidate to release a tool , this time from Turquia , there is not much credible information but like Doulci in the beginning no one know them and they actually release a tool in May 2014 doulci activator server 1.0 . there is no dead line for release it but they say – We wil release Pears-Activator soon !! they didnt show any device bypassed or the activator only some PC screen pictures with the team Logo in facebook page, the software will have the name Pears Activation Tool V.1.0.  all this information came from a new exploit and probably a new method of bypass as well – “Hi guys.We found new exploit for icloud and new method for bypass.”.

At this moment there is many people claiming bypass with remote servers host, using htdoc files with devices certificates pem, xml files. Other methods are the clean IMEI , this one is the most credible method becouse can clean your IMEI and get the device as new but there is no guaranty Apple can block your IMEI again and to use this service is too much expensive. Also many many fake bypass promise just getting traffic to scammer the Newbie. So thats why we still looking for a free solution , the wait is too long.  we all need give a second chance to all device if not stolen of course. Hope this new team came to stay to rock and rollbypass .

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