Use natural underwear and clothing that is not too tight


Cystitis is cured by drinking a lot, with a hot bath and lots of vitamin C. Use natural underwear and clothing that is not too tight.

Half of the women have had a cystitis problem at least once in their lifetime. In 20 percent of cases with multiple infections. Hygiene is essential, even if you don't have to slip into the hell of obsessions


Cystitis is an infection caused by bacteria that usually burns and stings. Therefore, it is very annoying. The pains are concentrated in the lower abdomen, in the lumbar region or in the side, but they also lead to often wanting to urinate and to do so with some difficulty. In some cases, there maybe even a few tenths of a fever. Unfortunately, these are bacteria present in all women, so much so that 50 percent of women have had at least one cystitis in their lifetime, and 20 percent have multiple infections.


In particular, it is the third most  frequent  infection after respiratory and gastrointestinal infections and is caused by the presence of bacteria present in the last tract of the intestinal system which, once in the bladder, multiply excessively, producing an annoying inflammation of the mucous membrane. Generally, cystitis, if it is not chronic, does not involve  fever  and can be treated effectively. However, there are cases in which a wrong diagnosis and unsuitable treatment can cause a  relapse : it happens to one in three women.


But what are the triggers behind cystitis?

  • Cystitis can be caused by various bacteria that can arrive vaginally and then go up to the urethra triggering the infection.
  • Other bacteria can be contracted through the intestine (Escherichia coli): generally present in the intestine, following certain situations such as constipation and colitis can reach the bladder.
  • Because of the deceptive symptoms, many women mistake what cystitis is not for cystitis, resorting to the wrong treatments.

To eradicate the problem you need to go to your doctor in order to identify the right diagnosis. Also, undergo a urine culture and a vaginal swab, and pending the results evaluate with your doctor whether to take an anti-inflammatory or an antibacterial. If the test results indicate that it is cystitis then your doctor will recommend the right antibiotic in this case. Repeat the urine culture after about a week and if the infection persists, use a kidney or bladder ultrasound to avoid recurrence.


But how do you deal with cystitis? With what effective natural remedies and without becoming prisoners of medicines?


Drink a lot more. This is probably the most important thing of all, for two reasons: to get better and to heal. Whatever the amount of urine in the bladder, the longer it stays in the bladder, the more bacteria in it grow. And more bacteria mean more pain, while drinking makes it easier to clear the bladder. You can check the amount of water you need by looking at your urine: if it is clear you are drinking enough if it is colored you are not.

Bicarbonate effect. A teaspoon in a glass of water is enough, four to five times a day. The effect should be immediate, as the baking soda helps the bladder to resume its normal activity. It is not suitable for people with high blood pressure.

No sweets and coffee. They are absolute to be avoided during the entire period in which you suffer from cystitis. Like spirits, cheeses, fatty foods, and spices. Never before has your diet been very light and healthy.

Take a warm bath. This helps many women to suffer less. And the best benefit comes during the inflammation phase. Even a hot water bottle can give you a very pleasant sensation and stop the burning.

Vitamin C. It is definitely effective in hindering bacterial growth that leads to pain and burning. Vitamin C is not toxic, but 1000 milligrams is considered a high dose and it is best to have your doctor's approval.

Blueberry juice and some herbal teas. Cranberry juice contains free acids and ascorbic acid, both of which are useful for cleansing the urinary tract. And both capable of an astringent action. Bearberry is also a juice that is suggested for cystitis. As for herbal teas, you can choose between mallow, strawberry tree leaves, nettle, heather, and Pilosella. All effective.

Natural underwear. Avoid underwear with synthetic materials, and definitely prefer cotton. Likewise, it is preferable not to wear clothing that is too tight, especially during the inflammation phase.

Go to the bathroom before and after sex. It first helps to get the bacteria present in the vagina out, otherwise, the bacteria can be pushed into the vagina by sexual intercourse. After that, it means cleaning up the bladder and eliminating bacteria.

The faults of the diaphragm. It has been proven that the diaphragm is one of the main culprits in cases of persistent and repeated cystitis. There are probably two mechanisms involved: First, bacteria colonize the diaphragm, which is then inserted deeply into the vagina. In addition, the diaphragm interferes with urinary emptying, which means that bacteria already present in the bladder are not eliminated.

Use sanitary pads instead of tampons. No one knows exactly why some women are more prone to reinfection, but it seems that vaginal manipulations of any kind, gender, diaphragm insertion, or tampons always precede episodes of cystitis. Those who have chronic infections at the time of menstruation are advised to stop using tampons and switch to sanitary pads.

Attentive to hygiene. If you do not wish to eliminate the bacteria in the perineal area (ie between the vagina and the rectum) you obviously run the risk of recurring infections. But too many washes can be as harmful as too few. Doing vaginal douches continuously can introduce bacteria into the vagina and wash away the bacteria that are normally present and are not infectious. Irritation of the urethra can result, which is another urinary tract infection. Very strong antibacterial soaps do the same thing and alter the vaginal flora to make the subject more susceptible to infections. The moral: cleanliness, yes, but without obsessions.

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