how to avoid gingivitis with effective natural remedies


Everything goes through the mouth, how to protect the teeth. And how to avoid gingivitis with effective natural remedies

From back pain to blood pressure. From mood to breathing. Diseased teeth produce ripple effects. Exercises to chew well. And again: mallow, sesame oil, water and salt, and aloe vera.


Everything passes through the mouth. From back pain to blood pressure, from breathing to mood. Therefore, a good prevention of the teeth becomes essential, and a mouth with some pathologies (from caries to gingivitis, for example) has negative effects on the whole organism. A useful book, entitled Health begins in the mouth and written by Hubertus von Treuenfels, explains well how our teeth are born, what are the continuous interactions between health and their condition, and how it is possible to breathe and chew better through simple exercises.


As for pathologies, also in this case the best weapon to defeat them is prevention and, as far as possible, using ancient but effective natural remedies. Take, for example, the case of gingivitis which occurs in the form of lesions, more or less large, and then causes discomfort and finally pain, even very acute, about twenty million Italians suffer from  gingivitis, in practice six out of ten people.


How to avoid it? And how to cure it only through natural remedies, without costly expenses for the dentist and medicines? The first basic natural remedies concern oral hygiene and nutrition. Always brush your teeth after meals, learn how to use dental floss and mouthwash. Actions that are now taken for granted, but still few really follow. As for nutrition, all doctors recommend consuming fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C, which is essential for the health of the mouth in general.


And if gingivitis hits you, try to deal with it with these natural remedies:

  • The infusion of mallow against redness and pain. It has emollient and soothing properties. Take it with a good herbal tea in boiling water (let it cool before drinking), several times a day.
  • Sesame oil and coconut oil. They have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. Mix them with baking soda and use them as toothpaste.
  • Water and salt may suffice when the infection is still light. Three rinses a day. Alternatively, water and lemon.
  • Tea Tree oil and aloe vera. In the form of a gel, they are excellent remedies for redness and bleeding.

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