Clutter is waste: it makes your mood worse and makes you fat


How to keep the house tidy without obsessions. Clutter is waste: it makes your mood worse and makes you fat

It doesn't take much to avoid chaos. Kitchen cleaned in the evening, dishwasher emptied in the morning. Don't leave the beds unmade. And get rid of the items you don't use. By donating them


Let's not exaggerate, and let's not join the party of lovers of domestic order, but scientific research is all going in the same direction: a tidy house improves health. For example, the disorder in the bedroom reduces the quality of sleep (Lawrence University study): it increases your appetite and decreases the quality of sleep. On the other hand, those who cannot tolerate having their bed unmade are 19 percent more likely to sleep better (National Sleep Foundation).


The chaos of food in the kitchen leads to less healthy foods (University of New South Wales in Sydney), such as chocolate chip cookies instead of fruit. Living in houses full of things stacked and jumbled increases the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, while household order is a form of prevention in order not to slip into chronic anxiety or, worse, into depression. In short: keeping the house tidy is a lifestyle that translates into a small elixir not to be wasted.

But how do you keep a clean and tidy house? Many people do not realize, or fail to acknowledge, that they live in chaos, and perhaps in dirt. Yet getting to a clean home, without being obsessed with hygiene, and first and foremost without wasting too much money on chemicals, is not difficult.


There are ten simple rules, which we can apply in the daily life of our homes: they will make them tidy and clean.

  • Never leave dirty dishes at the table. It is good to place them immediately, after lunch and after dinner, within the sink or within the dishwasher. At the table, they produce bad smells, make a mess, and become more difficult to wash. The dishwasher should be emptied in the morning, while the kitchen should be cleaned in the evening.
  • Do not accumulate backward correspondence. The mail must be opened when it arrives, also to avoid nasty surprises. And it is very useful to have a small home archive with folders to put, from time to time, for example, documents relating to bills. When needed, it will be easy to find them.
  • Dirty clothes go into laundry baskets. And don't accumulate on beds, armchairs, sofas. They create chaos and give the idea of ​​a messy and dirty house. Clean clothes, on the other hand, go into the closets and not sown in the room. Possibly in the evening.
  • The things we use, once used, must be put back in their respective drawers. Don't leave them lying around the apartment.
  • For children's toys it is preferable to have a single container in their rooms where they can be placed. And take them out only when needed.
  • Don't leave old newspapers and magazines lying around the house. Paper can be recycled in a thousand ways, also for cleaning shoes: instead, scattered around the house, it generates bad smells and disorder.
  • Even towels should always be put back in their place after use. Leaving them lying around is not hygienic.
  • Making the beds: always, even when there is no one at home to help you. And ventilate the bedrooms.
  • Recycle everything you don't need: from objects to food. And when faced with an object that you haven't used for a long time, ask yourself a trivial question: "Will I ever need it?" The fate of the object will depend on the answer.
  • Give away from the things you definitely don't use anymore. Do not procrastinate a complete house cleaning. It is useless to store objects, including electrical and electronic appliances, that we do not plan to use. Better to put them in a single bag and then give them away: you will make happy a person who does not have the means to buy them. Remember the rule of five, it can help you: at each complete house cleaning, choose five items you don't use and give them away.

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