How To Enter DFU Mode and Restore- iPhone X (100% Tetsed)

How To Enter DFU Mode and Restore: iPhone XWorks For iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Too iphone Xs and iphone Xs MAX. We’re going to show you put an iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or iphone X into DFU mode and perform a DFU restore. DFU stands for device firmware update, and it’s the most used software repair trick by Apple techs. If there is a software problem with your iPhone, the DFU restore will fix it. We recommend this step all the time in most of our posts. Here you are!

going to continue holding the side button and press down the volume down button. So now we’re holding two buttons together
at once for how long? About five seconds. Five seconds. then after five seconds, we’re gonna let go of the side button, and just keep holding that volume down button.
Don’t give up until it appears an iTunes.  iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.If your iPhone is in DFU mode, the screen will be black. If your screen is not black, your iPhone is not in DFU mode.
let’s say that they made a mistake and this isn’t happening, what should we do? Switch to Android! Okay. No. If you make a mistake, just try again. Try again. If it doesn’t work at first. try again. It doesn’t have to be on. It can be off. Just try. If make a mistake, just go through the steps again and eventually you’ll it right.
iPhone recovery mode. Screen is black. DFU mode: Click “Restore iPhone”. Are you sure you want to restore this iPhone? Probably you’re sold on this by this point. you need now click restore and update.  it will download a fresh copy of
the iPhone software to your computer, which could take up some time, depending on probably internet it’ll go through the whole process of restoring your iPhone, and you will have a fresh copy of the software on your iPhone and hopefully you’ve fixed it!

iPhone X: How To Enter DFU Mode and Restore!

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