Apple Watch Series 4 Review - Apple watch S4 should i buy ?

Apple Watch Series 4 Review. The September Apple event was packed with exciting and groundbreaking features coming to the Apple Watch. If you haven’t yet, read our summary on what Apple announced here. With watchOS 5, this is going to be an amazing time for new powerful Apple Watch apps.

Apple Watch Series 4 Review. All models come with the ceramic back now, so that makes the aluminum models heavier. I’d assume the greater ceramic-to-steel ratio in the back of S4 makes it lighter than S3 because ceramic is lighter than steel. The new watches look quite a distinction and seem to be a lot bigger but I think it might be because of the wider curve on the corners of the new models giving the series 4 watches a flattering look. I believe the series 4 will feel exactly the same on the wrist as the previous ones. The weight is unlikely to be noticeable either.
Every corner of the 42mm is actually in the same place as the corners of the 44mm. The extra 1mm at each side only comes in the middle of the case, because of the wider curve as you said.
This also explains how the 42mm watch bands will still fit the 44mm and sit flush with the case at the corners. But it could mean that in the middle, the case will actually overhang the lugs slightly on something like the classic buckle.
Edit: this is what the 42mm case outline (in red) looks like overlaid on the 44mm.
Apple Watch Series 4 Review
Apple Watch Series 4 Review - Apple watch S4 should i buy ? Reviewed by Unknown on October 07, 2018 Rating: 5
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