3utools with iDevice verification report Download

Download 3utools with iDevice verification report, How to use 3utools iDevice verification report. V2.25 3uTools is released with a powerful feature – iDevice verification. After 3uTools releases Verification Report, many users complained that different part of their device may be changed.
Next time, if you want to buy second-hand iOS device, you can bring a laptop with 3uTools installed to verify your device if have been repaired or don’t have original parts. The 3u developer team is working on the compatibility on iPhone Xs and Xs Max, soon as possible they will release a new version supporting the latest devices iphone XS and iphone Xs MAX.
iDevice color 
Hard disk capacity 
Sales model
iDevice screen test
Serials verification
General results

Download 3utools with iDevice verification report

3uTools iDevice Verification – Let You Check if Your iDevice is Original:
Additional information for 3uTools iDevice Verification Report, If the test results of battery serial number, front camera, rear camera or Touch ID serial number are different from the main board or hard disk of device may be changed.

How to check if your device is original or not

This new update will let you know if the device you want to buy have all original parts or was replaced with new parts. This can really help many people special on the second-hand markets and mobile shops repair.
Download 3utools with iDevice verification report:

how can i use iDevice verification report?

3uTools reads the current value of the device, if the read value does not match to the factory serial number, some part of the device may be changed. 3uTools will give the testing score based on the match.

What can 3uTools verify?

3uTools can verify the following software and hardware information:
device model and color, hard disk capacity, sales model & area, Wi-Fi Address, Bluetooth address, cellular address, serial number, main serial number, battery serial number, camera and screen serial number. iDevice color hard disk capacity sales model iDevice different screen test results.
How to check if your device is original or not

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